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1. PayPal and ECPay payments are unavailable from now on, please use cash payment at the registration desk!

2. [Presenter Registration CLOSED!] All accepted presenters must complete registration by May 5th (UTC 0:00) to be included in the conference agenda; late registrations will not be arranged.

3. To avoid waste and due to the time required for producing souvenirs and ordering meals, participants registering after May 8th (UTC 0:00) may not receive them.

4. Registration is considered complete only after the registration form has been submitted and payment has been made (with an exception for those choosing to pay by cash). Additionally, a payment receipt will be provided by the secretariat later on.

Registration fee Registration fee is payable in New Taiwan Dollar (NTD) or US Dollars (USD) . Regular Registration $150 USD or 4,500 NTD Student Registration $75 USD or 2,250 NTD Meals & Drinks (such as Tea Break, Culture Night, and Lunch) and Conference Souvenir are included.  To avoid waste and due to the time required for counting, classifying registration forms, and producing souvenirs and meals, participants registering after May 8 0:00(UTC+0) will not receive a souvenir.
Special Rate *Registration fee is payable in US Dollars (USD). GDP Low- or Lower-Income Countries Registration Please note that HERA uses World Bank classifications. Visit the World Bank website for the most up-to-date list of qualifying countries. Please refer to the announcement below.  Regular Registration $75USD Student Registration $37.5USD Online Participation Registration Based on current immigration and visa regulations, individuals who are unable to enter Taiwan due to the aforementioned legal factors are allowed to participate online. All other registrants and presenters, unless granted permission by the secretariat, are required to make in-person presentations.   Regular Registration $100USD Student Registration $50USD
The Registration Time line, Early regis should complete before 5/1; Presenters regis deadline is 5/5; the last day counting meals and souvenir is 5/8
The Registration Process
Refund and Cancellation Policy: Please note that refunds and cancellations will not be available after your payment has been processed.  Language for Required Information: Please ensure that all information provided in the registration form is in English, as it is necessary for the secretariat.  Student Discount Verification: If you select the student discount option but do not have a valid student status, you will be required to register and pay at the regular registration rate on the first day of the conference.  Registration Completion: After completing this form and making your payment successfully, the secretariat will receive your registration information.  Additionally, remember to check your email inbox, including spam folders, to confirm whether you have received an automatic email notification. Cash payment can be made on June 5
Use of Personal Information: Your personal information will only be used for registration purposes and identity verification at the conference. It will be protected by the "Personal Information Protection Act" and will be deleted after the conference concludes.  Photography, Audio, and Video Recording: You consent to be filmed, photographed, and recorded during and in connection with the meeting and consent to the use or publication of such recordings in any medium in connection with any promotional, educational, or professional purposes of HERA. You release HERA and its directors, officers, employees, and agents from any and all liability arising from the recordings or their uses, including for infringement of proprietary rights, invasion of privacy, defamation, or any other cause of action, and you waive any right to inspect or approve such recordings and any and all rights to payment of royalties in connection therewith.
 ⭣ Start Registration ⭣

*Subject to specific conditions or approved individually by the secretariat. Link for more information.

*To be eligible for registration at “Low-Income/GDP Country” rates, you must:

have residency in; be currently living in; and be a citizen of a qualifying country.
All three requirements must be met to receive the discounted rate.

*Please note that HERA uses World Bank classifications. Visit the World Bank website for the most up-to-date list of qualifying countries.

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