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Conference Committee


Robin J. CHEN, Ph.D.

Chair, Dept. of Education, NCCU

Vice Dean, College of Education, NCCU

President, School Building Studies Association of the Republic of China

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Dr. Sheng-Ju Chan

Sheng-Ju CHAN, Ph. D.

Distinguished Professor, Graduate Institute of Education, CCU

Vice President, CCU

Warangkana Lin, Ph. D.

Warangkana LIN, Ph. D.

Associate Dean, College of Language Arts, I-Shou University

Senior Consultant, Office of International Affairs, I-Shou University

Sophia Shi-Huei HO, Ph. D.

Sophia Shi-Huei HO, Ph. D.

Director and Professor, Institute of Educational Administration and Evaluation, University of Taipei

Dr. Cheng-Cheng Yang

Cheng-Cheng YANG, Ph. D.

Professor, Master Program in Educational Administration and Policy Development, Dept. of Education, NCYU

Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, NCYU

Angela Yung Chi HOU, Ph.D.

Angela Yung-Chi HOU, Ph.D.

Professor, Dept. of Education, NCCU

President, Chinese Taipei Comparative Education Society

Jyh-Ying YANG, Ph. D.

Jyh-Ying YANG, Ph. D.

Professor, Dept. of Education, National Pingtung University

Former Dean, College of Education, National Pingtung University



Department of Education, National Chengchi University



Higher Education
Research Association


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Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education

National Science and Technology Council 

National Science and Technology Council

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