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Is it possible to participate in the conference online?

Yes, we recognize that various factors such as visa limitations, travel restrictions, or geographical distance might hinder physical attendance. As a solution, we are offering the opportunity for individuals encountering such challenges to opt for online participation.

If you need to participate online due to any of these special circumstances, kindly specify your preference in the remarks section while submitting your application. Alternatively, you can notify us via email, allowing us to make suitable arrangements.


How much is the conference fee for presenters/listeners?

Presenter Registration Fees:

  • Early Registration (Before May 1, 2024): USD 125

  • Regular Registration: USD 150

  • Student Registration: USD 75

Half-price registration is available for participants from GDP low or lower-income countries. Please refer to the World Bank website for the most up-to-date list of qualifying countries. Additionally, please note that the registration fees for listeners are the same as those for presenters.


If I want to make changes to a submitted paper and wish to resubmit it, what should I do?

Please feel free to resubmit the paper and note the alterations when submitting it.


Is it possible to submit in Chinese?






Although submissions in English are preferred, we do accept submissions in Mandarin as well.


Will my paper be published in any journal or special issue?

The 2024 HERA is now preparing in collaboration with renowned indexed journals, which is going to be delighted to offer a special issue publication opportunity for outstanding papers presented at the conference.

*The selected outstanding abstract needs to provide the complete research paper.

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