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The 10th HERA Conference Souvenirs


The 10th HERA Key Visual

In the logo design, the conference name is presented in a simplified text style, which is modern and easy to read, serving as the main element. The graduation cap symbolizes higher education, representing the core theme and academic atmosphere of the conference.

Designer: Claire Kang

圖片 1.png

The 10th HERA Mascot

The souvenirs incorporate the Formosan blue magpie (Urocissa caerulea), a beautiful bird whose outspread wings symbolize the conference reaching new milestones, ongoing growth and development in the future, as well as freedom, innovation, and limitless possibilities.

Designer: Claire Kang

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The 10th HERA Conference Logo

The number 10 represents the 10th anniversary of this association. The words "2024" and "Taipei" indicate the time and place of the conference.

Designer: Ryan YC Yang

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