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[Up to Date] Poster Presentation guidelines

Updated: 7 hours ago

Last Updated: 18 May, 2024

Presentation guidelines for all Poster sessions:


1. Preparation and Display of Posters

You are required to prepare and print your poster in advance of the session. Necessary tools for mounting your poster will be provided at the venue. Please ensure that you bring your poster and follow the setup instructions available on-site.


2. Content of the Poster

Each poster must incorporate a QR code that links to supplementary information related to the research. This may include contact details, extended reading materials, a high-resolution digital version of the poster, feedback forms, and any working papers associated with your presentation. Ensure that the QR code is prominently displayed and easily scannable with mobile devices.


3. Dimensions of the Poster

To ensure proper visibility and fit within the display area, your poster must not exceed 100 cm in width and 200 cm in height.

Poster Instructions
Poster Instructions


The 10th HERA Conference Secretariat



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